Nicks Knots is veteran owned and operated company that makes customizable survival bracelets, dog collars, anklets, and more.  A portion of all sales will go to help a veteran's quality of life.   Wear your favorite football or hockey team colors.  Match them with your shoes.

Vote for your favorite charity in the Forum and at the end of the year a portion of all profits will be donated to the charity with the most votes.

Nicks Knots Survival Straps are not only very fashionable and unique but are useful and can save the day or even your life.  How you say?

     =  Bought something and it won't fit in your car?  Use your Nicks Knots Strap to tie it on your roof or into your trunk.

     =  Went on a hike or kayaking trip and got lost?  Use it to help make a shelter or catch food in traps or fishing.

     =  Went on a flight or cruise and your luggage broke?  Tie it closed and save that expensive trip.

     =  Gone out on a dive or snorkeling adventure and the boat left you?  Use it to make a raft out of drift wood.

     =  Tailgating and the wind is blowing over your pop up shelter?  Tie it down and save the beer and food.

     =  Have guest coming over and a tree or branch is in the way?  Tie it back and focus on finishing dinner.

     =  Out camping and forgot your rope?  Use it to tie your food or trash in a tree to keep the bears and cougars from disturbing your sleep.

     =  Out biking and your brake lines break?  Use it to tie them together and get home safe. 

     =  Insert your own reason here.....I am sure it’s a good one, I hope. 

If you do happen to use your strap simply take a picture and send the hardware and a story about how you used it and Nicks Knots will send you a replacement absolutely free!!!!